Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sabbath Day Prep...

I have a confession to make.....ready....I am
ADD. Wow, you thought I was going to say something really bad weren't you ;).

When I was a kid I was very hyper and had a very hard time focusing. As a teen that transformed into a very unfocused, out of control, trouble finding person. When our oldest was little she left the energizer bunny in the dust. non stop she hardly slept. But being the weirdo, non-conformists that we are we refused the traditional world standard on treating this very active child for a more a healthier way and in the end teachable way.

A trampoline works great for a child who is constantly moving. Talking to them, training them works and how do I know that, that is what we did. She now is a 17 year old than understands herself and has worked hard to control herself. And the trampoline found a new home a couple of years ago.

So while we learned to help her with her bouncing off the walls I learned to treat myself as well. I was never taught or talked to about my hyperness and wondering mind, I was given meds. So I learned to see in myself what triggered, how to focus, and to organize myself. I am a tad OCD now, OK,ALOT, but I don't run around like a chicken with my head cut off anymore getting absolutely nothing done. Well, I didn't till the last couple of months.

Our minds move so fast with so many things that it is hard to catch one single thought and focus. Her and I both now understand each other very well and she is learning daily to focus herself. It is a daily work and a daily struggle. Over the last eight months I have lost that focus due to health issues. Well I am taking back that focus.

Sunday prep is one of those focus factors. This week I have tried all kinds of crockpot recipes, you see I use to prepare a meal the day before in the crockpot, pop it in the cooking base the morning of and have a nice meal waiting for us when we got home. But, that has gotten to be a lost cause the last couple of months.

We also used to prepare everything clothing, bags, etc so that there was no work on Sunday and leaving the house was a breeze. Well, my wondering mind got lost on a bright shiny object and that focus with it.

So today I have three recipes to go in my crockpots, one for tonight, one for tomorrow breakfast, and one for tomorrow lunch. We snack at dinner on Sunday.

So for Sunday Prep:
1. meal in crockpot or pots Saturday night along with side dishes prepared.
(Philly Steak and Cheese with a Salad)
2. Clothing ironed and set out. (These I try to wash and Iron on Mondays)
3. Church lessons etc prepared, read, or at least skimmed through depending on if we are teaching, talking, or listening.
4. Church bags packed and set in back of van, as well as a snack since we are usually at the building late and grabbing a snack or junk on the way home is so easy..remembering to keep the sabbath day holy...Or as the 14 yr old, fast growing boy does; raids the nursery's snacks that are kept in his dad's office to keep older kids from raiding them. Gold Fish and fruit snacks are a permanant fixture on my Sam's Club shopping list thanks to him. :0)
5. House set to rights and clean so it's not a distracting stess factor for me when we come home on Sunday.

It takes some mental prep and focus, an hour of work and we are ready to focus on what is needed on our day of rest. I am off to finish my work.

How to you prepare yourself for the Sabbath Day?




  1. I like this. For food on Sunday, we do spaghetti—very simple and hardly any work; that way if I'm unprepared it's always on hand.

    I've been trying to make sure the house is clean on Saturdays too. It's hard, but so worth it when I wake up on Sunday morning.

    We should set out our clothing and pack our bags like you do. Those are great ideas! Thanks for reminding me to get ready for tomorrow. :)

  2. Dear Erika,

    I think we're all a little ADD! I agree that a trampoline is a wonderful blessing for getting out The Energizer Bunny!

    I need to work on doing better Sunday meals, too, although lately we've just been coming home and making a smoothie and salad, then going to Grandma and Grandpa's (they do all the hard work!). :)




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