Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A is for.....

This month I am participating with Chiot's Run in Alphabet August click either one of those and see what it is all about if you want to join in let Suzy know.

Well I must say I am not very creative I can take an idea and do it or expand on it but to come up with it from scratch it can be a headache making moment.

So I can say yes to just about all she put on her list and then add some. :0)

My seventeen yr old and I are sitting here and I asked her what she thought.

Adventure: she says I am willing to try new things at least once and I dare to be different in a must conform world

Awesome: Which I think is great since at seventeen I did not think my parents were awesome. Her and I are very close.

So now out comes the dictionary...;)

ablaze: I am full of excitement for life. I love life and learning new things. I will teach myself anything except knitting that is something I have not been able to master. 

abridge: well this I am not I can be very long winded so abridging my words in speech or written form is very hard.

addicted:  I am addicted to chocolate, science fiction, books, my awesome hubby of 18 yrs who happens to be named Andy, naps in the afternoon, animals I love them, and all things old.

administrating: I am an organizer, I like to jump in and keep things on tract. I think that is also OCD...

agrarian: we have 10.2 acres of land with a little house and a big barn and we love it. We raise a big garden and animals.

alfresco: I love being outdoors though right now with this heat indoors has become a norm.

adored: by my wonderful daughter standing behind me.

avid: in my beliefs, opinions, and the way I choose to live my life.  Though I don't believe in shoving my opinions down others throats and I don't like others doing it to me. I still live the way I want and not to much can sway me from my convictions.

And last and most generic:  American: and because I believe in being a good American I will go vote today and then because I am registered I have been called to jury duty not for the week, but for the month!

If you want to read others A's then click on over the Chiot's Run

have a blessed day...



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  1. Dear Erika,

    A very cute list! How wonderful that Andy fits right in. :)

    Good luck with jury duty, dear friend.




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