Wednesday, August 3, 2011

B is for.....

 Ok, I have enlisted my teenagers in this and since they love me so much they had some very sweet words to say.

Beautiful, Brilliant, and Bookish.

I do love books and read alot I am also....
Baker: I love to bake bread, rolls, cakes, etc

Blond: in hair color and lately mentally. Very forgetful etc. My kids say I am getting old. Why in your 30's do kids do that? I did to my mom and now mine are to me. ;)

butterflys, I love them

Bohemian: I like to think I am slowing moving towards an unconvential life at least for our little part of the world.

Betwixted: I am the between or middle child. I have an older step-brother and a younger step-sister.

Boat: I lived on boats in my childhood and teens and learned to walk on one.

Beach bunny:  I love the beach, a real beach, not what we have on the Mississippi gulf coast. With beautiful clean water, rolling waves, sea gulls, the sea breeze. I smell of the sea breeze brings back many memories. I lived on the beach as a teen always there, always a dark tan.

Baby: I love baby anything, kittens, puppys, birds, raccoons, people, whatever. But, they do grow up.



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  1. What kind of boats did you live aboard ? We've lived aboard two different boats - first a houseboat and later aboard a trawler - the boat we had dreamed about getting "someday." We've traveled the east coast aboard our trawler at various times and went as far north as lower Maine and as far south as Key West. You can see photos of all of our boats on our family web-site

    I enjoy your blog - have a blessed day.


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