Thursday, August 4, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....

I'm going to combine my Alphabet in August with my Plain and Simple probably for the whole month.
So let's see how creative I can get

Saturday morning dew steaming off in the blazing heat and it was 7:45 in the morning.

Cabin fever:  get cabin fever when the weather is either cold, rainy, or hot. Lately it has been the later two and the kids and I are starting to get this badly. So we are running errands in this dreadful heat today to remind us why we seem to be inside alot.

Caesarean section: I've had three and they weren't as bad as they say. Though if I could go back and change it I would, but I can't so why dawdle on it.

This picture represents us very well. Me as a blur as I seem to be always on the go you'd think I would be skinny, the counter showing our hecticness, crockpot going so that we eat right, and hubby trying to catch up with things on email since he is hardly able to keep up with himself let alone us, church, and life.

Candles: I love them, love burning them, making them, finding them at yard sale really cheap.

Cheap: I love to find things cheap especially at yard sales. Going to yard sales is my therapy. Depressed give me twenty and send me yard saling and I am a happy camper.

"Play with me," Don't ya feel sad for her she wants the cat to play with her so bad. He usually does but not then. He was hot and she was being rough.

There are my babies Pippin the cat, and Mary the dog. Yes I love Lord of the Rings and these two do resemble who they are named after and they love their momma (me) very much.

Cats: I love them I am definately a cat person I have 4 inside and 7 outside. We just got all but two of the barn cats fixed which was a feat, claws, teeth, growling, but it is done and they have forgiven us somewhat.

This sunset was so pretty I wish I had a better camera to capture the beauty.

Cards: I love playing cards especially Rummy. I am pretty good at it as well. Hubby and the kids gang up on me and try to beat me, when one of them does they all give a cheer. But it doesn't happen that often ;)

Chair: this lovely chair is a new project for me. We are going to sand it down, repair some areas, primer and paint it, and use it under the trees. I can't wait.

Cash: I prefer to use cash over credit. Credit cards have gotten so many in trouble including hubby and I, that now we prefer to pay for something outright. Including our house, barn, vehicles, etc. We have no debt, though we have a small income we have been blessed, and I have worked only twice in our years of marriage. Each time only about 4 months each. I have way to much here at the house to keep up with.

The rocker from last week we painted it in the heat yesterday, I could believe how sweaty we got standing in the shade. I like the white the brown seem to darken the room. The kids playfully argue over who will sit in this chair they both love it. :0)
And Ash's new skirt she made yesterday and without a pattern. This is her this morning she looks grown up even with her pig tails.

Hope all have a wonderfully blessed day.



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  1. I came over from Alphabet in August. I enjoyed your post very much. Susan - Penless Writer


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