Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Saturday hubby had to work, so we took off and visited my mom. Mary(my dog) went with us and she had so much fun being with her people. She loved grandma's house since she had a friend to play with and grandma gave her her own chewy bone that she was able to bring home.  She took over my moms dogs bed and her toys, but Amber was ok with it she was a lovely host and they stayed at the house while we went to a couple of yard sales. 

I found some great deals and Ash found something for her hope chest. Below is one of those finds... 
It wasn't in my colors, so yesterday I painted it and stenciled some nature on it....
This little lovely was flitting around the flowers yesterday. I love butterflys any and all.

I hope your day is as lovely as this butterfly...




  1. The chairs are beautiful! You have done a great job Erika :)


  2. Dear Erika,

    Great job on painting the chair; I'm glad you and the pooches had a nice visit with your mom.




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