Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage..

We bought 12 bales of construction hay, the gentleman that we bought it from doesn't spray his grass so its chemical free, yeah! This is for 2 years worth of mulch for our 2 gardens. We use 3 bales rolled out for our one now and the new one will be the same size, about 4000 square feet. These six are in the front pasture near where we will spread them out and the orchard.

A new favorite skirt and of course my camy yard shoes. :0)

A tea party waiting by the gate of the garden along with my rusty enamel bowls I love so much.

a pretty birdbath in the garden

Sunflowers twice my height I love these they are such a lovely addition to any garden or yard. And you hand the dried seed heads out in the winter and the birds love picking the seeds from them.

The bees love them as well. We had a very wet storm last night, and afterwards we came out and all the heads were covered with drenched bees.

The Moonflower is loving the rain and growing up our trellis.

Making Feta cheese, I am loving the classes from Gnowfglins if you are not taking these I encourage you to. We will take this cheese out of its hanging net this afternoon.

Easy way to store onions, old panty hose, and a shelf bracket. We hung this in the laundry room, which is near the kitchen. We also have one hanging in the kitchen on our food storage shelf, we just cut one off as we need them.

Dipped candles, we melted down old candles from yard sales and our stash and made dipped candles over the weekend such fun and we are reusing wax that normally would be throw away. Since we use alot of candles we usually have alot of wax leftover, I also look for them at yard sales and thrift stores.

And this is the yard hat $5 at Academy Sports, amazing, right, the store is so expensive. This is our second year together and I still love it still.

I have not posted much since I don't have much to say. We are busy, as usual, my acid reflux is bothering me badly, so that makes you feel not your best. But in the end nothing new is happening here.

 We have signed up for monthly food storage deliveries from Shelf Reliance there is not much I can put on my list, since I like basic from scratch items. But I have set up a nice list of items we do use that will be in bulk and will only pay what I want/can a month. They send you, monthly a package of stuff from your list up to what you have set for your budget amount. So another way to build your food storage.
Hubby replaced three waterlines with these wonderful frostless water hydrants. We don't have to worry much about freezing lines here, but we do have a few nights each with where we have to run our outside lines to prevent freezing. Now we don't have to and he moved them one closer to the garden (this one), one closer to the pasture with the ducks and turkeys, and one around the corner of the house.

Never ending work, but such joy in doing it.

Have a blessed day,




  1. Erika: THANKS for sharing all your ideas. I had forgotten the nylon-onion thingy......*-* Virginia

  2. Dear Erika,

    I love peeking in your garden; we love sunflowers, too, and of course so do the goldfinches that can't wait for them to be ready to eat! :)

    We just harvested our onions; we'll have to scrounge up some panty hose!



  3. Dear Erika,

    You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for this...

    I have been away and had to totally cancel all of my 'spaces' because of so much information overload.

    But I keep returning your simple and peaceful place and realize yet again, how wonderfully peaceful it is to visit.

    Your friend,



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