Tuesday, August 9, 2011

G is for....

Gorgeous: this is what the 17 yr old said this morning.

Giggles: I love to laugh, not just laugh to be nice, but really laugh. Giggly isn't how I would describe it since when I think of that I think of the teenage girls that my son trys to avoid at dances. :0) But giggle begins with a g.

Greatful: I am greatful for all I have.

Gregarious: This I am not it means to live in a herd and/or comfortable in large crowds. I am not and never have been. I prefer small gathering or one on one.

Gracious: I believe all are equal and should be treated as such. The ones that others feel are the lowiest of life I seem to be able to reach out to and make feel comfortable in a uncomfortable situation.

Good Natured: I like to think of myself as this.

Garden: I love to do it...but ask me if I am any good at it ;)

May your day be blessed....



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