Wednesday, August 10, 2011

H is for....

Hair dresser: This is somewhere I don't visit for myself at least. My kids do, but I don't all that often once a year maybe, twice to have the ends trimmed. Sometimes I will get more cut off, but I am not a person who like to style my hair daily and my hair is so straight that I have to to make it look nice. So I keep it long. That said....

Hair: I have long hair down to my about waist. Right now with the heat it can bug me badly, but I keep it in a braid or up.

Helpmate: I am definately this for my hubby.

Herbs: Love them learning more about them and having a blast doing it.

Homemaker: Nothing much can be said.

Homeowner: My hubby and I own our home without a bank being co-owner with us. Its nice to have that comfort.

Homebody: I prefer being home to out and about.

Happy: not much to add to that...

have a blessed day...



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