Friday, August 12, 2011

I and J are for.....

You know some of these letter are hard! But I have enlisted the help of my family in this and they have said a couple of things I wonder about, since I am not sure I believe them myself. :0)

 Their two I choices:

Intelligent: I beg to differ on this point I can be very blond, though I do believe in teaching myself whatever interests me and figuring it out on my own. I do not like dealing with people who have to flaunt education, intelligence, or financial success in others faces for the sake of feeling superior. I believe we are all equal and need to be treated as such from the lowliest worker to the president of the US. Salesmen and Polititians are the same to me and I have no time for either, but I do vote using my intellect to sift through the trash they are pushing our way.

Important: All three said this, I am am important to them and that is all that matters.

Introvert: I prefer my home and family over big crowds they are very draining and frustrating. Though I have no problem being in crowds I just need time to fill my battery afterwards since it was drained from the experience. Girls Camp each year is very draining for me, though I love cooking for all those people. I am not a social butterfly and have a hard time understanding those who are.

Independent: I can be very independent and self reliant. I prefer to do things and learn things on my own. I usually jump right in and do instead of waiting for someone to hold my hand through it all.

Inflexible: Because of this independence I can be very inflexible. I want things done a certain way no matter what, but I have learned to curb that quite a bit the last few years

Mary, going for a ride with mom. She goes with me alot, especially when its just me going. She loves it, but worries when I get out and go in somewhere she doesn't understand and watches very intently until I come back out.
Yguy's new hobby, Quail they are so tiny and seem to be very fragile we have lost several.

Jack of all trades: I know alot about many things, but not a bunch in one specific thing. I like to learn and teach myself and once I learn to a point that satifies that urge I move on to the next. High school I read ahead of everyone and spent lunch in the library reading all kinds of topics, though I was an average student. College bored me to tears, I spent one semester and then decided to stay at home and raise my daughter, and from their I started learning outside the bounds of the educational system and feeding that curiosity that schools wouldn't and/or couldn't feed.

Jocular: I love to laugh, and joking around and laughing heal the mind, body, and soul of many ailments.

Jail bird: now this is going into my very rebellious teen years. At 14 I spent part of a night in jail till my dad came and got me. We won't go into why I was there it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and most definately with the wrong people. When my court date finally came I had hives so bad for over a month it freaked me out having to stand in front of a Judge not once but twice in that month's time. Oh the things we do when we are young, now 23 years later I can laugh over it and am greatful I grew out of that real fast. :0)

Now that you know extemely to much about me and my past I will wish you have very blessed day.




  1. I popped over to check out your alphabet in august. I had a hard time with J's. I like yours. I find it hard to think of words at times and then it all seem so easy when I read what others have posted. I think it is neat that that your family thought of "important". what an honor. Emily

  2. Dear Erika,

    Another great list! I, too, am an introvert, and I think that blogging is such a perfect way for us introverts to be sociable!




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