Saturday, August 13, 2011

K is for....

Well, today I have three teenagers to tell me what K words fit me, one is our adopted son who lives with his parents, but spends lots of time with us. Hes not really adopted though we like to say he is since hes like one of our kids and he stayed the night last night.

Kind: when I asked the teens in the house they said this first where they get this I have no idea.

Knowledgeable: from the kid's friend. I asked him why and he said, "because you know alot about things, you can cook, blog, all kinds of things." I have just made them pancakes from scratch. :0)

 Keen, the defination of this that they said was me not the piercing scream, but very perceptive,shrewd, eager, intense.

 Kernel:(the central most important part, essence) my son said this as he sifted thru the dictionary. After I read the defination I thought that is nice. He was telling me I am the central important part of our family.

Now my word:

Kaleidoscope: (something that is constantly changing) I would say that is me daily I am changing to be more of what our Heavenly Father sees me as. I know that one day I will see that person too, but for now I am striving daily to learn and grow.

Well we are off to take the kids the seminary kickoff and then actually hang out as a married couple. Hmmm I wander what thats like since we don't get to that often.



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