Monday, August 22, 2011

O, P, Q, R is for..

Is it Monday, already?  Where did the weekend go? Or even the last two days of the week last week, oh well. We have been a little busy this weekend.

We dry packed canned Saturday, volunteered Friday, and just had a busy 4 days.

O is for....Organized... this is what I'd like to say, but right now I am not feeling very organized with the weekend's upheavel all over the house. But generally I like things a certain way and organized.

P is the dictionary one of the definations is hot tempered...that can be me, though I have learned to curve and control it over the last few years.  I can be passionate in my beliefs, though it is an inward passion I don't believe in shoving my beliefs, morals, or values at people. Just as I don't like to have others shoved at me. I learn by other examples so that is how I would rather live as well being an example.

Q is for...Quietude: a state of being quiet: calmness; this is something I would like to work at being quiet calm..listening. I get so busy I don't stop and listen and this I need to work on.

R is for.....

Read: I love to read and sometimes can not put a book or books down. I have to limit myself or reading will take over.

Realism: I look at things at face value. Dreaming is really all that fun for me, I tend to look at what is actually there to work with etc.

Ringer Washer: I used to use one of these and thought it was the best thing in the world. Considering I had been washing all our clothes by hand all summer. This was many, many moons ago.

Have a wonderfully blessed day....


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  1. Now you can relax and work on getting Organized, and enjoying the Quiet of your week :)




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