Tuesday, August 16, 2011

N is for Plain and Simple....

Well, not really but since I missed doing my Plain and Simple last week here it is this week.  These little pretties are West Indian Burr Gherkins or little cucumbers. We have grown them for years and they are so much fun and very prolific. There is a big bunch in the old chicken yard that came up all on their own. We gave our hens the leftovers last fall.

Last week I set them to ferment as well as asparagus. The asparagus were ready yesterday so I chilled them in the fridge and had them with a lovely salad at lunch they were so good. Can't wait try these little cuties.

Native: I am a native of Florida born and raised there till I was 17,and then moved here to Mississippi. Not to many people can claim that anymore, I think since so many transplants have moved there. I remember when I was a kid bumper stickers that had a green state of Florida on them with the word Transplant or Native in big orange letters were very popular. My mom was a native my dad a transplant. :0). Now 20 years since I have lived there it doesn't feel like home anymore.

Isis with her boy, of course she is clueless as to who this person she shares a room with and carries her around is. She definatly is not like a dog, she is independant and not very loyal. But he loves having her...

Nasa: when I lived in Florida we lived across the river from the Kennedy Space Center I remember seeing the first shuttle launch, Columbia, and later in 6th grade the shuttle Challenger accident. I was standing in the parking lot of school, the rest of the day was a slow day as we sat and listened to the radio. I don't remember much school work being done that day.

Nonconformist: I like to beat to the turn of my own drum instead of the standards of the world.

Normal: no this isn't me.
Our pastured turkeys. They are doing very well and are a source of amusement. They are now in the yard with the ducks since we thought they were big enough not to drown in the duck pond. They are, but they still have fallen in and just stand there not certain what to do in the water.

Last night the boys cleaned the duck pond and refilled it, they were so excited and couldn't wait to leap in. On the egg front we received our first egg the other day from our little flock. The ladies are not named yet, though one was, she has left us thanks to a fox. But the drakes are Mr. Darcy and Mr. Binley.

All of them in the pond having a blast, they would splash around and then all jump out and run around and them drive back in. Such fun and excitement!

We do enjoy them very much such talkers and a joy to have.

I have been to New Hampshire, Nebraska, New York, New York City, New Jersery, and Newark. And I am sure some more, but off the top of my head this will do. 

I hope all have a wonderfully delightful day....




  1. You have been to Newark? So have I! :)

    I am also a non-conformist, I think it took me a long time to finally realize this.

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself Erika, I have had the funnest time reading about your day - everyday :)

    Be blessed sweet friend,


    ps: what is your favorite color? I think I missed C!

  2. Marie,

    I am a blue and greens person they are soothing to me.



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