Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cooking with the Sun

I was asked to test drive this neat little thing and blog about it. Well when FedEx dropped it off I was excited to give it a spin, since I have wanted one of these or at least to try cooking with the sun. Our summers are so hot getting the cooking heat out of the house is a must. Even crockpots heat up the kitchen, but this isn't even in the house.

The next day, after opening it I went about following the directions of getting it ready. It comes out of the box ready to go all assembled etc. All you need to do is clean it with the simple instructions. I put it outside in the sun, added the included pan with warm soapy water and let the sun do the rest.  In about 2 hours I wiped out the inside with hot soapy water and it was ready to go. Easy!

After an hour on a cloudy day it was holding steady at 230 degrees to 250 degrees. The condensation is from the pot of water with the lid off.

Yesterday we decided to cook a chicken. It was a cloudy day so we started early and let it slow cook all day. We checked on it throughout the day and rotated it as the sun moved, moved it a couple of times since it ended up being shaded by a tree. Finding a place in your yard that has direct sun all day is ideal, I now know where is best.

When cooking the lid is placed on the pot that is included with the Sun Oven

Our chicken, I forgot to take a picture till after I started to cut into it. 

Verdict: Well I liked it, I did think it could have cooked longer, but it was moist, cooking in its own juices. And I did have to move the oven around and play with it, as well as it being a cloudy day, for a first time use I am happy with it.

Now I have a month or so to test it out so I will post more as I try it on things. I want to try bread and muffins. But today is going to be cloudy and possibly rainy so not today.

I hope your day is a blessed day..



  1. That's so neat! I have always wanted to try something like that! I am glad it was a positive experience. :)

  2. Um . . . I was going to say what Emily said. So ditto. :)

  3. What a neat way to cook...in my country, we cook this way all the time. It takes patience and a very sunny day :)


    maria b.

  4. hi erika,
    i have never seen before, but it's really a great way to cook.
    nice blog.
    have a lovely time,

  5. Dear Erika,

    You've inspired me to get out my cheapie solar oven I got from Lehman's a few years back. The chicken looks great, and I'm sure slow-cooking makes it much juicier.




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