Monday, October 3, 2011

Dauphine Island

My mom and I went away this past weekend, not very far mind you but we still a nice place. We went to Dauphine Island which is at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama. We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast and had a relaxing time just being.

This island was mapped in 1519, it was named Massacre Island by Pierre Le Moyne de'iberville because of a pile of human skeletons he found there. A colony was started and in 1707 it was renamed Dauphine Island in honor of the heir to the French throne. Over the years control of the island went from the French, Great Britain, and Spain. In 1813 in became America's and soon a fort was built to defend the coastline. There are two forts at the mouth of the bay another is at Gulf Shores.

They had a lighthouse that is about 3 miles off the coast of the island on a little piece of land called Sand Island. I wanted to go out there, but it is not aloud the lighthouse's island is slowly falling into the gulf. A restoration project in underway, but funds are needed before work can start. I hope that they can raise the money so that some day I can see it up close.

We arrived, checked in, and walked the beach after we were walking back to the car I saw a blood mobile...Now I have never donated blood, but have wanted to, just scared to. Well I asked my mom if we could and she said sure. We had a good time and it was easy.

When we were done we walked on some trails at Shell Mound. It was so pretty tall trees with sweeping limbs, birds, butterflys, and lots of mosquitos. They didn't bite, but if you stopped they piled on you but thats all. I said it was because they knew we were already short on blood.

For over a month now I have been up between 3:30 and 4:30am every morning most of the time in a panic. And Saturday morning was no exception, I read my scriptures but for some reason that didn't help that morning so I walked outside and called hubby at about 5am he was awake knowing I was awake. We talked, while the wind was blowing off the water at between 20 to 30 miles per hour very gusty! When I came back in my mom was up and she and I went out to watch the sunrise.  Such glorious beauty we have been given!

We stayed around and ate breakfast with the other guests, from there we left and walked on a pier while we waited for Fort Gaines to open. I love living in the country, but I grew up around water, the ocean, and it is in my blood. I love it, the salt spray, the aroma of the sea, waves crashing, gulls talking...

At the fort we saw all the usual things you see at these old forts, this fort is very well preserved so that was nice, they had a nice museum, and a blacksmith that is there 3 days a week. Besides his political commentary on the enviroment etc it was great, though his commentary wasn't bad. He had his little 7yr old dog who was a cutie and followed his master everywhere.

He made a fish for a key chain while we were there, I was fasinated with the whole process.The rawness of it, the simplicity of creating something so simple, but beautiful from a stick of iron.

Later that day we walked the trails of a bird sanctuary to reach the beach, shell hunting was our goal we didn't find to many though.

Gifts shops came next, and then a wonderful BBQ dinner at a little place that was so good.

Sunday morning didn't find me up at my early hour, but at 6am instead. I actually slept in I guess walking a few miles on sand does that to ya. We quickly dressed and walked the beach again on another part of the island. It was so windy all weekend, but that didn't ruin the pleasantness of it all.

We were on the west end of the island for this walk. This part of the island is where all the rental and summer homes are. Most were shut up and had signs saying for rent. Since we went during the off season the island was pretty empty except for the residents. But I loved that, the personality of the island showed through and the locals were friendly.

We walked for an hour went back and ate and hit the road. A weekend well spent, but we were ready to see our families. The kids really missed me especially Ashley which is unusual Wyatt is the one who usually does.

I hope all had a wonderful weekend and have a joyful week.



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  1. Oh my Erika,what a beautifully peaceful place you visited! Tell me why are you waking up so early? Are you having trouble sleeping?



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