Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plain and Simple

Plain and Simple that is our family, we like things to be so basic in all we do. We love all and except all. Well, there are some that can get on the last nerve, but I can honestly say we have tried with them and it is a daily battle to keep trying.  

Our children, when reading the scriptures they will come to a place where it is calling a Donkey an ass they will say donkey, so they don't have to say the other word. When faced with words that are offensive to them like, dumb, stupid, shut up, they will skip them. They have always refused to say them even when learning to read, at a young age they both knew it was a bad word and refused to read it. It is sad to hear a 3 yr old saying these words and the parents encourage them to use them or aren't bothered by them.

Now as teens they are kind hearted, they knit pick each other sometimes, but they are kind to all. Especially those who most others are mean to.

a car wash for the van, we will gather up quarters sometimes so we can have a car wash instead of doing it ourselves. The kids and I find this to be a hoot since we laugh and joke while in the wash.

Last night we took our kids to a dance at church at our stake center. They said they had fun and met up with friends of theirs they only see at things like this. Ashley and her friend Hannah were excited to see each other. They are two peas in a pod, and the moment I first met Hannah I fell in love, she reminded me so much of my Ashley. Quiet, reserved, shy, but with a spark in their eyes that they don't let to many people see.

But, then you have the rest of the kids there, you remember the incrowd...I was never in the incrowd. They are the ones that seem to have it all, and don't even realize there are other people in this world beside the perfect little people in their own lives. They are more than ready to take on the world and step all over those who are a little slower, shyer, awkwarder...

Nothing beats a nice early morning nap on mom and dad's bed, especially if you can get there before mom makes it. All that is missing is Pippin the youngest. But he later got in, and caused a bunch of discontent by pouncing on them all. Wheezy (15yrs old), Buster and Lucky ( 9 yrs old), Pippin (1 yr old).

My kids and my husband and I are those shy, awkward people. Though our son seems to be able to jump into anything and be ok, a gift for certain, he still is shy. The rest of us, well though I married at 19 and had Ashley 14 months later, I still took some time to come out of my shell. And now as an almost 38 year old I see that it is OK to be a little slower to develop, to grow into your talents, to find yourself.
This is where hubby and I were this weekend, a peaceful place that I just love to go to. This was taken at about 7:30 in the morning, it was cool with a slit breeze, a true blessing.

Last night the kids had fun, though they were faced with the awkwardness of the world, being asked to dance or not, asking and being turned down, and then asking those who others made fun of openly. Will they be OK with this, yes they will, will they learn from this, most definately.

Ashley driving me to town Monday to mail a package. It makes her so nervous to drive, but at least she isn't cocky about it, she is cautious about it, safe.

I know for this Mama, it hurts to see your kids faced with the world and standing there while it happens. You know it will be OK, you know that this to will pass, but you still hurt inside for them remembering those feelings that were stirred inside.

Recently we have been discussing alot of what it means to be a christian, and we have learned alot from our discussions.

You have christians who say they are but, well don't really act or look like it. You have those that are very bold with their belief system, very pushy with what they preceive being a christian is. And then you have those that quietly live what they believe, learning, growing daily they show their love for the Savior in a quiet gentle way and by their examples.

No one Christian is the perfect model of what a christian should be, and just because we say we are christian doesn't mean we are perfect. We all get trapped in pitfalls, our kids tease or are teased by other christian kids, adults are judgemental of those around them who are their brothers and sisters, etc etc.

A lone butterfly sipping from the hummingbird feeder among a bunch of yellow jackets.

We are here on this world to be that lone ranger, to be that good example, to stand out in rightousness for others. But at what cost are we willing to be that person, are we willing to step over and on those we feel are beneath us, or are we willing to quietly, lovingly give a hand to those left behind in the social gene pool to pick them up, dust them off, and walk together in this world.

This world is not easy, and I for one am proud of my kids for being those different sort of people that find hate, even by those who say they are christians to be offensive. Who jump and lend a hand to the underdog, who in their own ways are the underdogs, but are Ok with it.

Are you?

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day,



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  1. Dear Erika,

    Thank you for the beautiful post! I try to cultivate a feeling of appreciation for being different in my family, and fill them up with so many fun things like "Anne of Green Gables" and old-fashioned things that they don't mind not fitting in. :)

    I tell them that church activities are OPTIONAL; if they don't feel comfortable, they don't have to go. Jesus didn't go to youth dances! ;)




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