Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Friday we had a birthday in our home, Wyatt turned I now have a 17 yr old and 15
 yr old.  Its all very unsettling I am going thru what all moms go thru, at least that is what my mom keeps telling me, questioning if I have done right.

 He has found a love for taking pictures so we bought him a camera, a nice little digital that he can play around with and take black and white pixs etc. So Friday he took photos of everything he could I think, I downloaded a few of them this morning to share.

This one I took on my phone, we still have flowers blooming in gardens, on patios, etc. Though the nights are cool and the days lovely. I love Zinnias so during the summer we try to grow a lot they make great cut flowers to bring inside.

Our marigolds are still gigantic and blooming profusily even after our first frost we had last week.

These are growing all over the roadsides and fields. They are a lovely yellow that make country roads even lovelier to drive on.

Another of Wyatt's photos outside one of our little libraries this lovely rose has blooms covering it.

My photo, a nice roll on the warmed concrete walkway in the cool morning. Tummy warming is a favorite on these cool sunny mornings.

A pumpkin for a decorating contest the kids entered last week for 4H.  They did it together so they weren't competing againest each other. We also picked up their stuff that went to the state fair, they received blue ribbons for everything but one that one received a red one. But they are happy to get ribbons for all of it blue or red.
And one last photo of Wyatt's, he stayed home from church yesterday because he wasn't feeling well. Ashley decided to start feeling bad as well during church, the change of seasons seems to start sinus' draining and throats to get sore.

So while we were gone he slept and then took this photo. I bought this lamp for $1 and the glass chimney for a quarter I think. I love it since it can hang on the wall I haven't tried it out yet, but during the winter I love to light candles and oil lamps something very warming and soothing about them to me.

My husband tells me I need to blog though I think I have nothing to blog about. I have been going through the motions of life and nothing new has happened that I want to share. We have started slaughtering turkeys, the ducks are laying profusily, the hurt one is back with her friends and very happy, my dad is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, the kids get their wisdom teeth out in 3 weeks, I have fianlly found a place for all those (15) 5 gallon buckets of wheat I had lined up in the hallway since August when we sealed them up, I put my sour dough starter to bed the beginning of Sept and then forgot it, well it is still alive and thriving (thank goodness), the kefir is happy as well, I think red beans and rice are for dinner tonight, and the kiddos are and I have a very slow week this week which is good since last week was very hectic.

I hope all have a wonderful week and I will try to blog some this week and share some of our simple doings.




  1. My dear friend, you are not going through the motions, you are just living! Your life is simple and beautiful for your family. Rejoice in the ordinary dear are so blessed!



  2. Dear Erika,

    I hear you on the going through the motions this time of year! I think it's that deep down inside, we want summer to last all year, don't you (at least warm weather)? We have the same gunky noses and throats, too, and are ready for a vacation (time to get out those pretty magazines and make a scrapbook!).

    I love the lamp you found; much safer than a table lamp! Congratulations to Wyatt and Ashley on their ribbons, too, and their pumpkin is quite festive. :)




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