Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turkeys are all in the freezer, we have three whole ones and the rest we cut up the breasts I sealed up separately and the rest I will start putting through a meat grinder today.

We found a neat little surprise in their egg. One of the hens layed an egg below I laid it next to one of the duck eggs. It is a very pretty egg lightly speckled. We are hoping next year to raise heritage turkeys and keep a few to breed. Our breed this year would have kept getting bigger and bigger and soon wouldn't have been able to stand up.
One of the things we are working towards is any meat we do eat we raise. We have cut back on the amount of meat we eat, but my husband is a definate meat eater. And to raise our own on pasture and to know what they eat is important. No the cost isn't cheaper, but the end result is better and we know there aren't antibiotics etc in them. All our chicken and this year turkey is what we raised, in the past we have had rabbit, beef, and pork.

One of the things my son loves is sausage being a very picky eater it is hard to find the right things for him to eat that he will eat. It is all very frustrating to say the least. Sausage is full of preservatives and unheathy cancer causing additives, so I make my own with just plain pork and spices. Right now I buy ground pork at the store, but I am hoping to change that soon. I will try to make some with the turkey meat I grind up today as well.

I will take a pound or so of ground meat pork or turkey and add sage, cayenne, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings we might like. To make italian then use italian seasonings. Either cook in patties or how you want to use it and enjoy. It tastes much better than the processed stuff and is a little cheaper depending on what you use etc.

I'm thinking of turning a bunch of the ground turkey into sausage for different things breakfast, red beans and rice, pizzas, and spaghetti.
Monday found the kids on the couch still sick, but yesterday they we on the mend. But the fun thing that came in the mail was a ribbon and certificate for their pumpkin. In Dec they will receive their monatary reward for the contest at the awards banquet.  The won 2nd place for their creation, they are spliting the money and suggested that we divide it in thirds since I helped some (with the hat), but i am not going to take their reward its all theirs. Now Dec will be gingerbread house contest lets see what we can make for that....

I hope all have a wonderfully blessed day.


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  1. Dear Erika,

    What a beautiful egg; raising heritage turkeys would be a fun adventure, I'm sure!

    Congratulations on the pumpkin prize, too!

    I agree that making our own food takes out all the "scary" aspect of additives, plus is just takes better.




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