Thursday, November 10, 2011

Did you think to vote? I love to vote, no my vote might not be the canidate that wins, but to excercise my right is a fullfilling thing and giving voice to what I believe in a quiet way.

It has been hard the past few years since so many who are running for office I have no confidance in, and it is voting for the lesser of two evils most of the time. Its sad the way things are, I feel that a lot of the canidates running for office are running for the wrong reasons, their own personal high to be in the spot light. Not for the American people, but a personal agenda that doesn't take into account what is actually going on in our country.
On a more in line with this blog, I made a batch of skillet granola the other day and took pictures this time. I really like this recipe it isn't dry like my usual recipes, nice and moist. I added coconut and raisens when it cooled.

local honey, homemade vanilla, local butter, coconut oil

Yummy goodness, I like it on yogurt when I have some made which I haven't done this week.

Wyatt on their new computer, Nana got a new one so sent her old one to the kids when Papa was here. Wyatt I think is more excited about it that Ashley and has been figuring it out.

Our day today will be spent at the oral surgeon getting wisdom teeth taken out, and then recovering from it. I went grocery shopping last night and mailed bills I usually pay at the insurance and cellphone office, so I won't have to go anywhere just in case this weekend is a lounge around and take motrin weekend. And Wyatt and I rented movies last night for them, just in case.

Do you remember getting your wisdom teeth pulled? I do, I was 33 and had 3 impacted and 1 pulled, I slept through it all. The same office who did mine is doing the kids and I have confidance that it all will go smooth. Grandma works there so all the staff know whose grandkids are coming it and all said they will look out for them. As I am sure they do all, but it helps the kids feel special. A friend is going with me just in case I need help with either one of them on the hour drive home. Hubby can't take the day off, so this good friend said sure she would help.

I hope all have a wonderful day and weekend. I know I will. :0)



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  1. Yes, I do remember...very painful indeed! :(



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