Monday, November 14, 2011

Walking your Path...

Wisdom teeth pulled and all is fine in our home. They did great and the first thing Ashley said to me when she saw me was, "your in trouble". :0) But its over and I promise you'll never have to do that again.

While they were going through their thing I was slowly getting a sore throat, as I sat in the waiting room it got worse and worse by the end of the day I was running a fever and miserable. So the three of us were on the couch by the time daddy got home that night. We were all snuggled up under blankets me with throat lozenges and them with ice packs. :0) Needless to say our weekend was a slow one.

But today is Monday and we are all on the upside of healing their swelling is going down, and my voice is coming back. Saturday I couldn't get above a whisper so they watched movies and I sewed a new blouse I will try to get a picture of it to post tomorrow.

I have been thinking a lot lately of who I am and my path in this life. I am of the opinion that opinions are hurtful and I try to keep mine to myself. I also try not to follow the crowd it just isn't my thing to be like everyone else. I have as an adult learned that beating to the tune of my own drum is what I am happiest at. Being friends with those who are dear friends not a conquest on the popular ladder of the world.

The crowd is so cumbersome, you get lost in the numbers and you end up loosing what makes I am an individual with thoughts and ideas of my own they might be weird, non conforming, or even rebellious, but they are mine and I find comfort in that.

I find that being myself though different from the rest makes me stand out most of the time, I am happy being who I am. Yes I struggle sometimes with the hurtful words, looks, or the opinions of the world. But I try to keep plugging away at my life the best way I know how, what works for me. Opinions are just that, someone elses idea of what their world should be, and it turns into an opinion when they force it on others. They are just ideas, their interpretation of the world and how they want to live it.

Getting lost in those ideas being spouted around us can be overwhelming, we can get anxious and hurt. Lost in a number and forgetting or even not even learning what makes us tick, makes our world turn, or helps us see and know what it is we are suppose to do in this life.

I might walk alone in this world of opinions, ideas, hurtful words or actions, but I think I know that what I choose works for me and mine and that my ideas are just that, mine they make me who I am. I might not agree with the world's view on most things, but I know what I agree on for me works and when it doesn't I tweek it and work towards it working for me not others.

And as far as letting the world know what those ideas are...well my example should be all that should show. I don't listen to others opinions especially when they are shoved at me or contradict my ideas, but I do watch when someone is quietly living those ideas, and is an example to me.

I hope your example of bright and a beacon to those around you. Have a wonderfully blessed day.



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  1. Dear Erika,

    Oh, what lovely pictures! I love the way they go along with the beautiful thoughts. I'm glad that everyone is on the mend, and I'm excited to see the blouse (I have to pull my sewing machine out and get sewing, too!).

    I think that having our own ideas is a great gift!




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