Monday, December 19, 2011

~~Chef Dani~~

Last week 4H had a guest come and help them make a goodie for Christmas. She talked to them about her 16 years of restaurant experience in owning and cooking in not one but two. And then showed them a fun gift to make for the holidays...Cheese Balls.
This is her and a helper dividing up gigantic blocks of cream cheese into 24 bowls.
Now squeezing together butter and the cream cheese, the kids loved this.

Next they added a handful of chopped fresh spinach, chopped up cooked bacon, a big handful each of cheddar cheese and Colby jack cheese, a handful of canned diced tomatoes with the liquid squeezed out and a tablespoon of special seasoning. Wyatt said the seasoning smelled like it had garlic powder, cayenne, and onion powder, at least that is what he could smell. Smoosh all this together really well.

Then shape into a ball, and then be very careful walking through the building so as not to touch anything with cream cheese covered hands.

Wash up really well...warm to hot water works best...

Now take your cheese ball and plop...softly into a bowl of crushed almonds and dried green onions. Roll around gently without squeezing the nuts into the mixture to much.

Put in a pretty container or bag, chill in the fridge to set and then eat. Very yummy we gave one of ours to the kids Seminary teacher and family, two in the family don't eat spinach or onions... They loved this and didn't know it had both till the next day.

On to the ginger bread news the kids after much deliberation were awarded first place for there creation. All the houses were cute and lots of work was put into the magnificent creations!


  1. Everyone looked like they were having the best of times :)


  2. Dear Erika,

    That looks like such fun! I love learning things from people who are passionate about their work.




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