Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Plain and Simple

We keep things really simple here for Christmas, and years ago we started our own family traditions we let go of ones we had grown up with and created what we wanted in our home. Santa went out the window and the kids were actually very excited and happy it was mom and dad not a stranger in a red suit bringing their gifts.

Since then we have relaxed things and not had things so set in stone and we just enjoy each other. I don't talk about our youngest son on here much or at all really. His name was Dannett and he passed away 14 years ago 5 days before Christmas he was a very special child who we loved and still love very much. He is missed on a daily basis and Christmas even more so, the holidays are a reminder to us of how precious life is and how many blessings we have in this world. So every year from Thanksgiving to Jan 1 we as a family, but mostly hubby and I as a couple close in and embrace, we are a private family anyway but more so at this time of year. The hectic racing around and holiday parties are not something we enjoy, we enjoy each other and find things we can enjoy together.

One of those things is making ginger bread houses, it started with my mom buying the kids a kit one year and has turned into a yearly thing. This year we wanted to try our hand at making it from scratch not a kit and baking the ginger bread ourselves. We didn't realise it was going to be such an interesting project, but it is done and looks great.

Ginger Bread House recipe we used is Here
Ginger Bread House patterns are Here
We did a modified church pattern.

And I finished the top to Wyatt's quilt this morning, I am so happy at how it turned out and it was so easy! Now time for the batting and the back and tie it and it is done. I can't wait to make one for our bed and for Ashley to make one, I think she will love it.

Have a wonderfully blessed day,



  1. I so enjoy the smell of gingerbread Erika...I don't eat it much, nor do I make it :( but do enjoy seeing others put together such wonderful creations.

    Like you, I have discarded traditions that meant nothing to us. Santa has never been one of them, so that was not a problem, but the over eating, the over doing was, and that was completely abolished!

    Now, we tend to spend a great deal of time with each other...doing things together here in the cottage and just loving Our Lord more.

    Thank you for sharing my friend...


  2. Your house is wonderful! I hope we get time to make one this year. Thanks for sharing your traditions.

  3. We are simplifying here too for Christmas. It has been so nice! I love the quilt! Oh it's so pretty!!!!! The colours are lovely! Happy Holiday's dear friend!


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