Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plain and Simple

at the cottage this week...

Wyatt grew Cayenne peppers over the summer, my very picky child loves to grow things and grow things he won't eat. So we have two, one gallon jars full of dryed cayennes. I grilled alot when I grilled sweet peppers and tomatoes to make roasted salsa this summer which is so yummy, I think we have one or two jars left. Last week I whirled some in my little smoothie blender and made red pepper flakes for a recipe.
We had a long day Friday, since it was our volunteer day we were up early and on the road as the sun was coming up, then a Sams club trip, and then to grandma's, about a 200 mile round trip day in the van. On the way home from grandma's Wyatt fell asleep, and I had Ashley take a picture of him, he wasn't to happy.

We went to grandma's to visit her but had a motive for driving all those miles in one day. He needed to get approval from the 2nd nursing home for his Eagle Scout service project, of course they loved it and agreed and signed what needed to be signed. Now he has 2 nursing homes, seamtresses, and the supplies to sew walker bags for the elderly. Now on to the next step....

We unloaded all the thrift stores in our area of placemats for his project, he needed 90 we now have 93. While we were digging around I found these pretty ones for our table, and this is our new dining room table. I love the wide planks and old feel to it is nice to sit and eat at. Our other dining room table is stored since Wyatt wants it.

Sunday was such a beautiful day, and Wyatt bought himself a tent with his Christmas money. Ashley is still saving hers for something special, shes already bought a boat load of books at an antique store. She found Shakespeare's works in little hardback books that were in very good condition for their age, 1930's, but she didn't have enough for them instead she bought ones in her price range.

So while Wyatt and our neighbor Trenton and Wyatt's camping buddy put up the tent to make sure they did a good job. Since they are the oldest in Young Men at church and the scout troop they have to look like they know it all to the younger boys. :0)

Out by the fire lamps hanging from trees, fire going, and a lazy Sunday afternoon. Hubby did get a nap in his favorite chair outside.

Later a peach cobbler cooking away in one of antique dutch ovens.

It was a slow and simple week here at the cottage, with the weather unseasonablely warm this year we have been outside alot, and it has been nice.

Have a wonderfully plain and simple week.




  1. It sounds like you've had quite an eventful week. I love your dinning room table. It has an old rustic look to it, which I love. I bet that peach cobbler tasted great too. It's one of my favorite deserts, though I have never tasted peach cobbler from a dutch oven, which has been cooked outside over a slow flame. :)


  2. What a very busy week you have had my friend. Thank you for sharing your life with us Erika.



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