Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook, January

FOR TODAY... January 3,2012

Outside my window... Frosty in the 30's, definitely cooler than over the weekend when it was in the 70's. But the sun is coming up over the trees and though it might be cool today it promises to be a beautiful day.

I am thinking...Of nothing in particular we had a nice weekend, Monday was quiet we worked in the garden so thoughts of what else needs to be done the prep for planting its first crop, potatoes at the end of Feb. Also how empty the house feels our oldest cat Weezy passed away yesterday she was 15 and had a very long life. But something is missing without her, nagging the younger cats or us to feed her.

I am thankful for...For a brand new year to start over with new plans and old. Jan 1st is always a treat for me it marks a new beginning and spring in a couple of months is a major plus!

From the learning rooms...a quiet week, we planned on only one week for holiday vacation which was last week, but hubby asked me to take another week to charge my batteries, so instead of bookwork other work that can be counted as learning, but we won't call it that more like fun, relaxing, and energizing. And working on the paperwork for Wyatt's Eagle Scout project, now that he is done with all his required merit badges he gets to work on 3 business letters and the paperwork to submit for his project. Oh and Ashley finished her Bee Keeping essay for a 4H contest and that was sent off yesterday.

From the kitchen...Well I had my oatmeal with the cranberry, apple, and orange relish also added flax seed and raisins. Yummy! Today I have dinner to make I think chili will be good with some beans I presoaked last week but haven't used yet.

I am wearing...a long A line skirt with embroidery on the bottom and fringe and a black sweat shirt since it was nippy this morning in barn feeding.

I am creating...Hmmm, on the sewing table right now nothing, waiting for a good sale at Hancock to load up on fabric for 2 new quilts. Oh, I am working on a newsletter for Relief Society for Feb and a new format for the Sunday Program for church. Craftiness can be on the computer as well. Well I did buy a lovely white flat sheet the other day at the thrift store with a beautiful wide lace edge to it that I want to make a slip or two out of one of the slips will have the lace edging the other will have a different lace from my stash and we'll see whats left for what else we can make maybe 3 slips.

I am going...Nowhere till Thursday when we go to a 4H meeting.

I am reading...The Depression Cure by Stephen Ilardi, Potatoes not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons, and Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey. Also Jesus the Christ by Talmage and the scriptures. Yes, I know a lot of books, but I read a little on each everyday,  one of them I have planned on reading 2 pages a day and will have it done in a year. I'm not in a hurry, but have tried many times to read it and have a hard time getting into it but want to badly so little bites daily.

I am hoping...to live each day to the fullest and to live like I know I should.

I am hearing...Just a Heartbeat Away by Gandalf on Between Earth and Sky. Of course on Pandora I just love that resource. This is my Loreena Mckennitt channel

Around the house...A basket of clean kitchen towels to be put away, a load just finished to be hung on the line, Bath towels on the wooden drying rack from last night's showers needing to put away. Cats sleeping all 3 I think missing bossy Weezy especially this morning when she was her bossiest. Dogs resting after their morning run, candles burning their lovely scent this morning it is pine, and the feeling of a well loved home.....

One of my favorite things...candles flickering, birds feasting at the bird feeders, the feel of a long skirt, bare feet on the grass, the purr of a devoted cat, a snuggle and the soft words "I love you" from your teenagers, laughter and love at the dining room table while sharing a meal....

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... A new project, this was a Christmas present from my dad and stepmom, a Hoosier cabinet. It is in need of loving and attention a wood panel on the back replaced, paint stripped and sanded, new hinges, new casters maybe...a project I can't wait to dip into over the next few months. A little at a time I think no rushing a loving refurbishing. Right now it is in use since this is my new herb cabinet it is full to the brim too. I'm thinking of painting it an antique white not a stark white that it is now, and adding some Hoosier touches that have been removed. We'll see I have had fun getting to know this cabinet and the history.


  1. Have fun and enjoy the time working on the Eagle Project. I've helped my 2 sons with both their projects and the parents earn the badge just as much as the boys do! Its a special time.

  2. I enjoyed reading your daybook thoughts. It was like I was having a delightful conversation with you.

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost one of your kitties. We have four cats, and our eldest is currently 12. I've had her for SO long that I know I would miss her if she left.

    So, you're a quilt maker, eh? :) That is something I want to learn to do after I finish working upon my basic sewing curriculum. Quilts always look so pretty, and I love the various designs on them.

    Anyway, I hope that your chili dinner turns-out good. We are keeping it simple for dinner here tonight too - potatoes and fruit.

    Blessings to you! :)


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