Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Week

Another week of daily musings, each Monday starts another week, another load of laundry, another bed to make, another meal to cook, another sunrise, another week of busy busy, another week I have the opportunity to bless my family as a mother and a wife.

You thought I was going to complain didn't you? Well I could have and I could have started each thing with I. But I want to stop complaining, it is draining and I want to stop saying I. How many times a day do we start with I.....

Yes another week is starting and sometimes I wish it wouldn't. I have laundry to do...again, I have to make the bed again, I have to cook yet another meal that my darling son will say, "can I make pasta instead" or "Is this what we are having, why", I have a busy week...yet again...

Now doesn't that sound awful? So I am going to work on it and work on seeing things differently. Being a homemaker is a joy and I do love it, but a week or two will pop up out of nowhere and the major ughs will come into play and all I want to do is be really selfish.

Ever have that happen to you? I am sure those of you who read this are perfect and have never had that feeling...right?

Ok now on to an actual post...
These yummy goodies were made with coconut flour and blueberries we canned last summer. They are from the organic u-pick blueberry farm not farm from us. They were so yummy fresh as they are canned too. Click here to try the recipe
Hubby had to work Saturday so Ashley and I worked on a stall in the barn for the babies. The ducks were not sure about the new addition to their yard. Sha're and Aurora weren't sure about the noisy things quacking at them. But a cat was very interesting so much so that he jumped up on the fence post to get away from nibbling mouths.

 This weekend was our stake conference, and as usual it was inspiring. Here are some tidbits we gleaned.

"Ultimate goal of every latter-day saint should be to go the the temple" Pres. Gordon B Hinkley

Life isn't fair

If you have a chink in your armor the adversary will find it

Keep perspective-one day at a time

Need the Gospel more than we need air

You need not fear, Heavenly Father knows you and as you pray you will not fall by the wayside

need to live worthily to receive guidance and revelation

"Who He calls he qualifies" Pres Monson

Heavenly Father will fight our battles for us as long as we are faithful

all God's children are precious

Book of Mormon harmonizes Christ's teachings

Excerpts from Plain Living

...Real values are not learned.
They form.
They form from inside out.
They cannot be imposed.
Alfred K. Lamotte, 1982

Plainness also involves speech, not just special words, but speaking so as to mean what we say. That means avoiding both sarcasm-saying the opposite of what one means-and also excessive politeness, or "beating around the bush"
Susan Smith, 1984

Dispatch business quickly,
and keep out of long debates and heats...
be swift to hear,
and slow to speak,
and let it be in the grace,
which seasons all works.
George Fox, 1690

And I leave you with a weird picture my feet in my shoes. I have started using some of flylady's ideas again. I found her years ago before she was so big and commercial and formed some very good habits, but I need to bring things a little more back to focus and organized so I am going to try and post a picture like this maybe daily to show you that I am dressed to my shoes to keep me accountable...though today my hair is still in its night braids and those are twisted into a bun so I still need to brush my hair. But I did bless my home. :0)

Have a wonderfully blessed day,



  1. I remember when the boys were at home, that sometimes I was so busy doing, that I forgot to take time and be grateful for all my blessings. But you know what? This past month everyone was off traveling and I was home alone. No dishes, little to clean, not much to do. I discovered I'd rather have a big family and be falling asleep on my feet any day! (but I think I always knew this) Wonderful quotes!

  2. Sometimes I wish that my life was different. That the chores would not be the same everyday...then I remember how my life used to be before children, and I don't want that every again!

    It is good to be accountable. Like you, I dress every morning before coming downstairs and starting my day.

    Be blessed my friend...


  3. by the way...I am going to try that recipe. I am waiting for the flour to arrive :)



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