Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Morning

Well another day and here are my shoes and one of my favorite skirts. Hubby had me buy Sketcher Shape-ups last year because my feet bother me so much from all the standing I do. He wanted to make sure I had them for girls camp since my feet are so swollen and hurt so much after standing for 4 days in a kitchen cooking.  I also have heal spurs so that is what causes the pain, but after I started wearing these I haven't had problems. I love them and last year girls camp my feet weren't swollen or sore just tired  but that was remedied sitting down some in the afternoons.

It really stinks when you are on your feet a lot to have such a silly problem as heal spurs. If you have this problem, shots didn't help me at all in the long run, stretching the arch and tendons is what helps and these shoes do that wonderfully.

We worked in the yard some yesterday, we put some more bottles in our bottle border, and we planted seeds for zinnias, cosmos, trumpet flowers, and another pretty wild flower that we received from our neighbor.

We also moved the mint and spearmint. We are loving crisp cool morning and cool but warm afternoons. It makes for a loving time sitting and doing school work with the doors and windows open.
The azalea is starting to bloom in a few days it should be covered in deep pink flowers.

We have little strawberries on our remaining plants, we started with 50 last year but the heat did alot of them in. So we moved them this year to one of our cottage garden beds that is shaded some by a big old oak tree.
And the potatoes are sprouting, this picture I just noticed is a little blurry...one of our barn cats was following me purring and butted my hand right when I took the picture.

I hope all have a wonderfully blessed day,



  1. Dear Erika,

    Let's hear it for comfy shoes! I had a couple of bunions operated on when I was 20, so I understand the need for comfort!

    Your azalea is so pretty, and the beds are coming right along; before you now, we'll be in full gardening mood!



  2. There is nothing like comfy shoes my friend! They are truly a blessing :) You are working on your garden already - how wonderful! We still have to wait a bit longer here in the mountains.


  3. Good Morning, Erika! I have some of those Sketcher Shape Ups. They really do seem to work at shaping up your legs. And with all the leg work, we certainly need strong ones! That bottle border is very clever! Great way to recycle!

  4. Erika, I've never heard of those shoes before but I will look into them. I need a good pair of comfortable shoes.:)

    Your garden looks so sweet.

    1. I bought my shoes at Academy sports. But I know you can buy a generic brand at walmart and kmart. But my mom said her shoes(which she bought at kmart) haven't lasted as long as mine she has had to buy new ones every few months.


  5. I am so jealous that you are already planting! Winter around here seems to go on forever, I get really antsy to get out in the garden this time of year. I am excited to see your bottle garden in full bloom.


  6. I'm sorry to hear about your feet hurting. However, thank the Lord that you are able to wear comfortable shoes to help ease your pains.

    Your garden is looking great as well. We have a few azalea bushes in our little backyard as well.


  7. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings...


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