Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Plain and Simple

 I love this picture of Ashley, Wyatt has taken a few black and whites of her and they are always so good. 

I was downloading a few pictures off his camera and thought I would do a Plain and Simple post of older pictures of our happenings.

In February I showed the 4H kids how to make bread

Wyatt's quail are very active egg layers. He is pickling them and selling them.  Our field trip last month had a beautiful peacock struting around.

Cooler, one of barn cats is facinated with the babies they are his size so why wouldn't he be. But they do not like him coming near their people and have gotten butting down quite well.

I thought this picture was cute and wanted to share it.

Ashley and Wyatt played chess out by the garden the other day. Wyatt is working on his chess merit badge so he roped Ashley into playing a game. They love playing but he wanted to do it by taking score, that lasted maybe 10 minutes and then they stopped and played without the score keeping

Ashley loves taking the kids for a walk she usually does it everyday after lunch. The rain has slowed that down the last day for two though.

I hope all have a wonderful spring day!

Did you vote today? Well if your in MS or AL, did you? I did!




  1. It all looks wonderfully bucolic, Erika! Those quail eggs are very beautiful. I didn't know there was a merit badge for chess. The black and white portrait of your daughter is lovely.

  2. Dear Erika,

    What sweet children you have! I love that they love the simple life. May they continue to do so throughout their lives.




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