Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little trip....

I hope everyone had a wonderful father's day weekend, our weekend was spent 7 hours away from home with family. Hubby stayed home with the animals and we went on a road trip.

Wyatt took this somewhere between Mobile and Pensacola.
We stayed at a Jelly Stone Park in Madison, Florida where Yogi Bear came out daily, they had a huge slid that went into a lake, a swimming pool, put put golf, kayaking trails, etc.

I was standing across one of the lakes and took this photo of my dad, step mom and sister and a niece. Oh and Molly and Scruffy the furry children my parents are raising now. Very spoiled pooches....

                                                                          My parents...

There were 3 alligators in one of the lakes they were  about 3 to 4 ft and I think people feed them 
                            since they would follow in the water as you walked on the bank. Or they were  following because of the dogs...

There was a little finger of land going out into one of the lakes they called Boo's Island and this little fledgling was sitting on little bush scouting the area out.

My imagination sees a face of an old wise woman in this picture.

There were oak trees everywhere with spanish moss, it rained the day we arrived and the ferns on the trees loved the moisture and made all the branches green and pretty.


  1. Erika, so pretty! Except for the scary alligators!

  2. Welcome back!!! I missed you my friend :) Thank you for the postcard and keeping me in your prayers :)


  3. Fun! Thank you so much for the postcard, it was a fun suprise!


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