Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Week

Ashley came home with this from girls camp...Of course it is fake and she took it off that night before we went to church the next day. She turned 18 while at camp and is growing up. Of course she has grown up with 2 parents with the real deals on our bodies and she has seen them everyday of her life. This is as wild as I think she will get when it comes to body art, but for a few days she was stretching her wings getting ready for the day when her choices alone will affect her daily and eternal life.

I think we have raised her to love the Lord since she has such a knowledge and love for the scriptures, a testimony she lives, and a faith that far outweighs mine. We have always been upfront and honest with her about our lives pre children etc. As they have gotten older we have let them see  glimpses more and more of who we were so that they aren't blind to the world or our faults. This has made them such compassionate people who love helping those most turn their backs on. Ashley sees the speck of goodness in the worst of mankind and only once has she let her dislike of someone show, but this was after years of trying to find that speck in them.

Her and I were very busy this week, we went to the upick farm early (6am) it was so nice and peaceful. Then we spent the week canning and doing LOTS of other things. As a reward for her hardwork when we finished we went to a movie and ate chinese.

Black was her fingernail color choice this year for camp usually it is blue or something. The YCL's went to the temple the day before camp started and had so much fun and learned so much. She loves going there so this was such a treat for her.

She was asked to take care of a friends animals during the week; 2 very spoiled horses, cats, and since it is so dry water the garden and flowerbeds. So for 7 days we went over I watered while she did everything else she loved taking care of the horses one is 30 years old the other is bossy but she had fun brushing them etc.

Everyday we had this little fella sitting by the water hose...can you see him laying there in the grass. A bunny, the water line at the house leaks a little so it is wet there even when the hose is off so the ground is nice and cool this little guy was laid out there cooling himself we could almost walk right up and touch him before he would run off into the pasture. Such little blessings to remind us of the bigger picture.

I hope all have a wonderfully blessed day we have a week an a half more of craziness but I have not forgotten my pen friends or blogging buddies! Until next week...



  1. It is always good to be honest with our children. My husband and I have shared quite a bit with our sons, so that they would know how it was to live without The Lord Jesus in our lives. The mistakes that we made and how our choices affected us in the long run.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. 18 years old is such a magical oldest will turn 18 in November of this year.

    May your day be truly blessed my friend,


  2. Dear Erika,

    It's a busy time of year, isn't it? I'm glad that camp went well; your little girl is all grown up! I'm sure that you'll be blessed by your canning products for many months to come, too.

    Animal-sitting is a great way to serve others, and to "try out" having horses and other animals; I have fond memories of watching my aunt's place when she would go on vacation.



  3. Your little girl is now becoming a lady. From your description, it sounds like she has a good heart. I also agree with Maria, I think it's good that you are honest with your children. This is turn helps them to be honest as well.

    I'm glad that your daughter enjoyed her temple visit. I visited a temple several years ago.

    But it sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy. Take care dear friend. :)

  4. They grow up too FAST! Happy for your daughter & you! ~ Virginia


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