Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being a Helpmeet

I have been pondering alot about my life and purpose and finding that little niche for me without me feeling I am stretching myself to far. As women we say yes to it all and then we burn out very fast. I know my role as a daughter of Heavenly Father, wife and mother are top of that list.....

Over the years I have read thru the scriptures to guide me in these roles, watched the examples of women around me, and prayed hard to let go of pride so that I may learn. I have learned and I have learned alot but I have still been very selfish in my dealings with my husband and others. Its a very natural attribute for all and those who overcome it you can see it in their countenance and WOW are they women that are so inspiring. But they are few and far betweem unfortunately.

Will I ever be that woman? I have very little hope in that quest but I can strive my hardest to get as close to it as possible.

On my quest I have turned to the scriptures more lately and have studied Proverbs 31 instead of just reading it. Thru that study I have learned more than I have in the past.

She is not just a woman who works with her hands by sewing, cooking, being frugal, business minded, etc. But she is dependable, trustworthy, she doesn't gossip, or backbite her husband, complaining isn't in her character, being humble and uplifting are. She isn't one to stick her nose in the affairs of others but is compassionate and understanding.

She is forgiving and excepts all equally. She forgets their past sins and looks only to the future. She strives to learn the skills needed to help her husband and family instead of hindering them, she takes care of herself so she is not held down by her own infirmities. She is trusted and shows kindness and wisdom to all equally......

I know so many more things can be said about this woman... So do we know a woman who fits this description? I know many who have attributes of this woman but not all, I know some who come very close. Is she an unattainable woman, will we every be like this woman? I think we can...

Selfishness is our hinderance. Aimee at Momzoo did a series last week on "Lovin' that Man" I did not participate but it made me really think of all the selfishness I have when dealing with my husband.  I know I am a very selfish person and  I am striving to overcome it as with many faults in my character.

By using the example of the women in the scriptures I have my guides to what I want to be, the women in my life who are good examples are my visual aides in this quest.

It still doesn't help me decided how far I should stretch myself with my busy life but it gives me my priorities so that the decisions are easier and whether I should say yes or no is a little clearer.

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  1. When you figure it all out let me know, I too ponder and ponder the same question.


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