Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday it did this....Yes snow in southern Mississippi. It didn't stick here but north of us Saturday they still had snow on rooftops and snowmen on the ground. This was at our church building we went to set the chairs and tables up for the Sweet Heart Dinner we had Saturday night.

Some of us did this....I forgot to rotate the picture before uploading. But you get the idea, it was a lazy nap  
day for some But.....

Some of us sewed....

Ash made this skirt for herself Friday afternoon and finished Saturday morning to wear that night for the Sweet Heart Dinner. The youth were our waiters, Ash watched the kids in the nursery so the parents could have a nice dinner.

This was her first sewing project for herself. She made this a little while ago but this was just for her. She had so much fun. I had her do what I do when finishing seams since I don't have a serger I finish my seams off doing a zig zag stitch it takes a little long to finish the garment but it finishes it off nicely and prevents fraring.

She did a good job and when she was all done (gathers on 5 tiers can be a little frustating) I asked if she liked sewing she got a big grin and said yes. I taught myself to sew in my 20's and have slowly over the years gotten better so at 15 I never dreamed of doing my own clothing. So I am happy to share with her what I love so much. I hope she finds as much joy in it as I do.

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